under the flag of deception (2011)

by dispro

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released November 11, 2011

music & lyrics by dispro
recorded, mixed & produced by dispro
mastered by james plotkin




dispro Split, Croatia

ske - vocals
chmite - guitar
jere - bass
kosic - drums

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Track Name: hearts
to all our hearts left behind
to all the ones left destroyed
to all of love left unsaid
to all of feelings that are buried

not this time again, i am sick of you
treating me this way
breathing down my neck
demeaning way i am
i want something more
i want something real

to all of our ruins
to all of our hurts
Track Name: black sheep
steze oko vrata
stvara nelagodu
ne zelim imati to
sto drzava nudi
stvaras svoje stado
koje slijepo prati
ali crne ovce
ne prate stap tvoj
Track Name: unison sync
receiving through our lenses
narrow bend of frequencies
impression of our inner self
as codes in their sequences

we are mirrors of ourselves
experiencing roles we play
throughout sea of consciousness
fear is prison we have built
box-minded in five senses
dream appears as reality

in bed of field
on battlefield

follow awareness where presence awakes
bet on no future stop dwelling in past
start being change and the others will sync in unison infinity

You are not death
you are me
you are not death
you are me
all in here
Track Name: deathrow
barbed wire around fists
black strap around eyes
rain on your muddy skin
killing silence reality

cold blade in your flesh
sound of trigger in front of your head

last thought you let fly away
knowing you live your last day
knowing you live your every day
Track Name: is that hardcore
a new shirt in your closet
record from distribution shines
looking up the clouds
and all the lyrics you know by heart
scene spark has faded
you are looking with dumb look
thinking what I'm doing here
I was young now I'm growing up
is that hardcore
my ass
Track Name: andy you are goonie
shame shame
we know your name
come on brand
slip her the tongue

Andy you are a goonie
I will never betray my goon dock friends

in the city country
forest of the boomies
you are proudly declared a fellow goonie
Track Name: false flag opps
they invented viruses
they spread disease
they control the weather
to produce mass fear

banks and institutions
temples of obscure
control every peny
spent in this world

modern labs making foods
education system making fools
hi-tech weapons
serve the masters of war

governments are marionettes
in hands of chosen few
media another weapon
to seduce you
not to ask for truth

face it
you live in a lie

under the flag of deception we gave our powers

you live in a new world order
Track Name: out of mine
a look into you
like looking through a stone
understanding your mind is
like dismantling a bomb
your body cage
made out of flesh and bones
your blood cold like river
running far from mine

you are not a friend i know
every word
every look
every breath says
you are a stranger

You are none
you are nothing