split 7" w​/​Lack of Soul (2014)

by dispro

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released April 1, 2014

Recorded at Studio 3/4
Mixed and mastered by Chmite




dispro Split, Croatia

ske - vocals
chmite - guitar
jere - bass
kosic - drums

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Track Name: Iron fist
master plan has played it's cards
in front of our eyes
iron fist of those who impose
their right to rule

fall as victims of not paying attention
fall for givin' in to useless distractions

theories of '84 are no more
laughing stock
bit by bit they are moving up
to enslave us all

grip of madness tightens
as you sustain their bloodline greed
adding oil to fire
playing game you cannot win
grassping at the last straw
our final hour accepts fall
Track Name: The rats of Hamelin
sit tight and absorb the lies
sit tight and surrender your minds

countless channels
freedom of choice
no need for experience
we deliver the world

controling news
to form your opinion
never question
the truth being told

total assault
with industry brands
likings mistaken
for personality

cheap entertainment
always does the trick
jump to the rhythm
of the dumbdown beat

follow pied piper into the river
drown yourself in ignorance

red pill or blue pill
drown yourself in ignorance
red pill or blue pill
wake yourself to reality